What you eat & when you eat will define your health- NOURISH to FLOURISH

Frequently asked question…Why Even Healthy People Should Work with a Nutritionist? Think you know what’s healthy? You might- the obvious question: Then why aren’t you getting the results you want? By assuming that all you can get from working with a nutritionist is a lecture that sounds like “eat this, don’t eat that,” you’re dismissing […]

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Low carb Minced Chicken Patty with Cheese stuffing- Recipe 5

Ingredients(would make 12 patties) 500 g minced/ ground chicken 1 onion diced finely 1/2 tsp chilli powder 1 clove garlic crushed 1 tsp garam masala powder 1 tsp crushed black pepper 1 tbsp dried coriander/cilantro Pink Salt as per taste 1 egg to bind the patty together 60gms grated Cheese(of your choice) for stuffing Butter/Desi ghee for frying Green Chilly diced-1(if you want the patty to be spicy)   […]

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Gluten free, No bake Low carb Cheesecake(eggless)- Recipe 4

So having a sweet tooth but finding it hard to avoid it as you are on diet, Eat this completely low carb and healthy Cheesecake to curb your sweet craving Ingredients(ready 750gms cake approx weight):               Almond Flour – 200gms (for crust) Salted Butter -75 gms (for crust)+25gms(for syrup) Erythritol – 30gms(for almond crust)+ 40gms(for cheesecake) […]

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Keto Paratha/Naan-Keto recipe 1

So here comes my few of the Keto recipes which I relish eating during this healthy way of living Keto Paratha or Coconut Flour Naan Ingredients(would make 2 naans): Coconut Flour: 30gms Psyllium Husk Powder: 5gms Baking Powder: ¼  tsp Pink Rock Salt: ¼ tsp Desi Ghee or Coconut Oil-1tablespoon for cooking Nutritional facts: per […]

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My daily keto diary 📖

Hi, Sharing with you all, one day of my eating schedule So my day starts with 3 glasses of warm water empty stomach Then there is a session of 45-60minutes of light exercise( which I do at home) – Indoor Cycling(20-30mins) 🚲 – Crunches- 2 sets of 10 crunches( started with 2 sets of 5 […]

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Work from Home Mommy

Few of you might be thinking what’s this… you must have heard Stay at home mom, working mom but what’s this… so let me share with you my story after my premature son’s birth So I was independent working girl, a NIFT graduate, working in a MNC. Never thought of giving up my career for […]

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Milestone- Ketosis

Hi Thanks for keeping patience for my health regime. So below are the 8 steps to reach ketosis, which should be followed with absolutely no cheats 1. Know your macros– download an app- Carb manager or My fitness pal( I use this) or any app which can help you track your food/ drink as per […]

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Dieting is not starving

Hi all, So a common thinking, one has to starve to death to reduce weight. I too used to think the same, but keto diet or commonly know as low carb diet changed my life. *Before starting to explain about this diet and my secret health regime, would like to inform, I am not a […]

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Keto-Genic Me

Post 6 years of my first son birth and post 3 years of my second son birth, I had lost all hope of getting into my old skin. So in the journey of becoming a professional Fashion technologist to a Mom, I had gained 20kgs of baby weight which just loved me and didn’t want […]

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